**Accepting new members!**



We are offering two different subscription plans this year. The small subscription (10 pounds per month) is intended for a small family while the full subscription (25 pounds per month) is intended for a larger family or for two families to split. We do understand that some families eat more meat then others; so do a little background check before sending in your application!

The first week of every month you will be able to come and pick up your subscription at our farm. We have two pick up day options; including the first Monday of each month and the first Saturday of every month. Our subscription plan runs either a half year or whole year, the duration is your choice.

We offer both our small and full subscriptions with bi-monthly pickup for those that consume less meat. This is at the same price as a regular six month subscription but will alternate months for the duration of one year.

Each month you will receive a share of the meat that we are harvesting at that time. Your share will include all or more of our beef, pork, lamb, goat, or chicken. We vary the cuts and ensure that we are packing shares fairly for all, so substitutions and exclusions are not permitted. If folks are splitting a subscription, we must insist that one family picks up their subscription each week and that is split once it makes it to your home. As you know, space is limited around our farm so we work hard to make sure that the traffic flow during pick-up goes as smoothly as possible. Your cooperation on this front is most appreciated!


What to Expect

You will receive a predetermined monthly amount of meat raised by our family. It is for a consumer who enjoys eating healthy, local, naturally raised meat from our farm. A typical share may include all or more of our beef, pork, lamb, goat, or chicken depending on the season. Each monthly pick-up will include a variety of cuts including ground meat, stew meat, kabobs, steaks, roasts, chops, and/or sausage. Depending on the season it may include a whole chicken.